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The Combine Report: Week Three Preview - Offensive RC Pioneers Look To Get Back On Track

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Week Two of the NFL was exciting as defensive players from the NFL Regional Combine stole the show with huge hits and many stops. This week, the athletes on the other side of the ball will be expecting to be let loose.

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Seth Roberts/Raiders.com

The Combine Report: Week Two - Defensive RC Talents Aggressively Attacked

The NFL Regional Combine talents were sharp on the defense in Week Two. Several squads wanted to make amends for Week One. Many put their “best foot forward” via their shoulder pads as hitting was the name of the game for the RC defensive standouts.

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Cody Davis/therams.com

The Combine Report: Week Two Preview - Will RB Penny Elijhaa Get To Face Regular Season Action?

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

The Week Two of the NFL is shaping up to feature some solid intrigue among the NFL Regional Combine pioneers. Several players turned out and had strong performances in Week One. And Week Two should be no different.


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Elijhaa Penny/Google Images

The Combine Report: Week One - Bohanon Find Endzone, Tavecchio Make A Case For Raiders

Week One of the NFL had its normal ups and down, along with some unexpected twists and turns. The athletes from the NFL Combine series, who always give their all, provided us with some surprises.


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The Combine Report: 71 NFL Regional Combine Pioneers Enters Week One, Most Ever

Seven hundred and eighty NFL hopefuls graced several NFL facilities during the annual discovery platform of the RC last winter and fifteen standouts from that grouping are no longer dreaming.

Seventy-one players from the platform made it onto team rosters, the most ever to begin a campaign. And now, they are ready to make their mark.

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The Combine Report: Preseason Week Two - Berry, Redfern, RC Defensive Standouts Nailed Competition

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Since its conception, the defensive standouts from the NFL Regional Combine have sustained the platform and helped create its value. Quietly, the kicking specialists have been a staple for the discovery stage. Week 2 of the NFL preseason is another testament of worth and excellence.

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Jordan Berry/Steelers.com

NFL Caretakers: Preseason Mid-Monthly Report

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

After a long, taxing offseason of training and preparation, the players…well, actually, the NFL officials were fired up to take to the field to perfect the game.  That’s a beautiful situation since progress towards perfection is something to embrace.



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Clete Blakeman/Google Images

The Combine Report: Preseason Week One - RC Talents Off To A Fast Start

One hundred and forty-nine NFL Regional Combine standouts were on the sidelines the first week of the 2017 preseason. While many of these pioneers were settled into their roles for the upcoming season, others were not taking any chances. When the opportunities presented themselves, these RC gems were ready to show their mettle.

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Trevor Davis/Packers.com

Nigel Harris: Do Not Let His Lean Build Fool You

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

At first glance, Los Angeles Chargers rookie linebacker Nigel Harris appears to be in the wrong position, since he looks like a wide receiver. However, when he gets his hands on an opponent, his position is no longer in question.

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Nigel Harris/Chargers.com

The Combine Report: Cardinals' RC Talent Worthy of Applause In Hall Of Fame Game

Feelings were mutual  between the Arizona Cardinals and their gems from the NFL Regional Combine platform. The Cardinals wanted to see what the RC athletes could do, and the RC athletes were eager to show their skill sets in the Hall of Fame game against the Dallas Cowboys.

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Clint Bruce: “Elites Want To Find Out, Not Be Found Out”

By Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – In front of a tired group of NFL administrators, executives and all of the NFL officials, Clint Bruce instantly refreshed the room with his unique style of humor.

“Wow, I’m in a room with a bunch of guys I tried to stay away from,” joked Bruce. Bruce was referring to his days as a football player at the Naval Academy where he played linebacker and was a captain from 1993 to 1997.

Bruce also had stints with the Baltimore Ravens (1997) and New Orleans Saints (1999) after successfully completing his SEAL training.

July 16, 2017 – IRVING, Texas – Entrepreneur and speaker Clint Bruce addressing the NFL officials at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)

However, the former Navy SEAL did not attend the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic to discuss his background on the gridiron and how he helped save countless lives. Bruce was straightforward in communicating to the NFL Caretakers the lessons he learned. Most specifically, he wanted the NFL officials to understand the importance of being “elite” in their profession.

“If you are not counting, it doesn’t count to you,” explained Bruce. “Elites want to find out, not be found out.”

Bruce stated that individuals fall into one of five classes – bad, average, good, excellent or elite.

Bad is self-explanatory.

“There’s no secret to being average,” said Bruce. “Good is okay, if it’s not your passion.”

Excellent individuals succeed and they are “done.”

However, when people are elite, “they are not done yet.”

Bruce expressed a unique perspective on being elite that really got everyone’s attention.

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“Elites are curious,” he explained. “Curiosity will get you there (elite status) faster. Curiosity brings courage. Curiosity is a courage rep and it is getting you stronger.”

July 16, 2017 – IRVING, Texas – Entrepreneur and speaker Clint Bruce addressing the NFL officials at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)

“If you are good at what you are good at, you only have one leg to stand on,” said Bruce. “Complacency is a dream crusher. To be dangerous, you have to be balanced.”

Curiosity and balance are a part of the “pursue points” Bruce described in order to be elite.

Bruce told the officials to be “tribal.” He described different types of gatherings; specifically groups, teams and tribes.

“A tribe is a team that channels its emotions,” instructed Bruce. “It’s total submission, and it’s beautiful. Tribes win all the time.”

Bruce also portrayed elites as being “intentional” and “authentic.” According to the Texas native, elites move with purpose knowing where they want to venture. Elites win other individuals over with their transparency.

Transparency in officiating has been a targeted issue for NFL Football Operations. Former vice president of officiating Dean Blandino helped to begin that initiative and Al Riveron looks to be committed to transparency as well.

The amount of preparation necessary for the NFL Caretakers to be successful and sharp on the field is tremendous. There is no doubt that NFL officials are elite in their profession. They just needed validation… publicly.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent set the record straight Saturday at the clinic.

“You guys are on the top of the food chain. Our officials are the cream of the crop of officiating,” said Vincent.

Clearly, Vincent and Bruce were on the same page. Vincent validated the officials as being elite; Bruce provided knowledge to maintain that status.

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