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The Combine Report: Week Three Preview - Offensive RC Pioneers Look To Get Back On Track

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Week Two of the NFL was exciting as defensive players from the NFL Regional Combine stole the show with huge hits and many stops. This week, the athletes on the other side of the ball will be expecting to be let loose.

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Seth Roberts/Raiders.com

The Combine Report: Week Two - Defensive RC Talents Aggressively Attacked

The NFL Regional Combine talents were sharp on the defense in Week Two. Several squads wanted to make amends for Week One. Many put their “best foot forward” via their shoulder pads as hitting was the name of the game for the RC defensive standouts.

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Cody Davis/therams.com

The Combine Report: Week Two Preview - Will RB Penny Elijhaa Get To Face Regular Season Action?

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

The Week Two of the NFL is shaping up to feature some solid intrigue among the NFL Regional Combine pioneers. Several players turned out and had strong performances in Week One. And Week Two should be no different.


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Elijhaa Penny/Google Images

The Combine Report: Week One - Bohanon Find Endzone, Tavecchio Make A Case For Raiders

Week One of the NFL had its normal ups and down, along with some unexpected twists and turns. The athletes from the NFL Combine series, who always give their all, provided us with some surprises.


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The Combine Report: 71 NFL Regional Combine Pioneers Enters Week One, Most Ever

Seven hundred and eighty NFL hopefuls graced several NFL facilities during the annual discovery platform of the RC last winter and fifteen standouts from that grouping are no longer dreaming.

Seventy-one players from the platform made it onto team rosters, the most ever to begin a campaign. And now, they are ready to make their mark.

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The Combine Report: Preseason Week Two - Berry, Redfern, RC Defensive Standouts Nailed Competition

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Since its conception, the defensive standouts from the NFL Regional Combine have sustained the platform and helped create its value. Quietly, the kicking specialists have been a staple for the discovery stage. Week 2 of the NFL preseason is another testament of worth and excellence.

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Jordan Berry/Steelers.com

NFL Caretakers: Preseason Mid-Monthly Report

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

After a long, taxing offseason of training and preparation, the players…well, actually, the NFL officials were fired up to take to the field to perfect the game.  That’s a beautiful situation since progress towards perfection is something to embrace.



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Clete Blakeman/Google Images

The Combine Report: Preseason Week One - RC Talents Off To A Fast Start

One hundred and forty-nine NFL Regional Combine standouts were on the sidelines the first week of the 2017 preseason. While many of these pioneers were settled into their roles for the upcoming season, others were not taking any chances. When the opportunities presented themselves, these RC gems were ready to show their mettle.

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Trevor Davis/Packers.com

Nigel Harris: Do Not Let His Lean Build Fool You

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

At first glance, Los Angeles Chargers rookie linebacker Nigel Harris appears to be in the wrong position, since he looks like a wide receiver. However, when he gets his hands on an opponent, his position is no longer in question.

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Nigel Harris/Chargers.com

The Combine Report: Cardinals' RC Talent Worthy of Applause In Hall Of Fame Game

Feelings were mutual  between the Arizona Cardinals and their gems from the NFL Regional Combine platform. The Cardinals wanted to see what the RC athletes could do, and the RC athletes were eager to show their skill sets in the Hall of Fame game against the Dallas Cowboys.

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The Eight New Officials Are “Not First Time Officials,” NFL Caretakers 124 Strong

2017 NFL Officiating Clinic/Locker-Report.com

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – NFL Football Operations took extra measures to booster their officials’ roster to strengthen their awareness on the field, due to the speed and tricks of the game. Eight new officials will make their debut this season, but they are not first year officials.

“The first year officials are not first year officials. They are veterans,” NFL senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron profoundly stated at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. “They are equipped with experience, expertise and knowledge of the profession. They are well prepared as members of this team and their crews.”

July 16, 2017 – IRVING, Texas – NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating Al Riveron addressing the NFL officials at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)

The Big Ten ushers in the most with line judge Mike Carr, line judge Brian Bolinger and umpire Steve Woods. Field judge Mearl Robinson and side judge Ryan Dickson came from the PAC-10, while down judge David Oliver and field judge Brad Rogers are formerly from the SEC. Line judge Danny Short is the lone ACC official for this year’s 124 strong.

For the 17-man crews, five officials will float throughout the season in umpires Bill Schuster and Dan Ferrell, down judge down Jim Howey, line judge Tom Stephan and field judge Rick Patterson. More NFL Caretakers will rotate to bring consistency.

Due to the diversity of officiating as more women are now involved, NFL Football Operations re-titled the head lineman position to the down judge. Down judge Sarah Thomas was the first female in NFL history to become an official. Because of her excellence, the door for more women to dawn the stripes on Sunday afternoons is likely to open sooner rather than later.

The NFL Caretakers continues to stay ahead of the game as all 17 referees will return for the 2017 campaign.

(RReferee, UUmpire, DJDown Judge, LJLine Judge, FJField Judge, SJSide Judge, BJBack Judge — The Middle Judge will continue to used as experimental bases during the preseason).




May 20, 2017 – East Rutherford, NJ – NFL referee Clete Blakeman getting ready for his T-test at the 2017 NFL Football Officiating Mini-Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)


U Ramon George

DJ Hugo Cruz

LJ Dana McKenzie

FJ Joe Larrew

SJ Dyrol Prioleau

BJ Steve Patrick

Replay Official: Carl Madsen



U Fred Bryan

DJ Jim Mello

LJ Brian Bolinger

FJ Tom Hill

SJ Jabir Walker

BJ Shawn Hochuli

Replay Official: Jim Lapetina



U Carl Paganelli

DJ Jerod Phillips

LJ Byron Boston

FJ John Jenkins

SJ Laird Hayes

BJ Greg Wilson

Replay Official: Billy Smith




May 20, 2017 – East Rutherford, NJ – NFL referee Jerome Boger getting ready for his T-test at the 2017 NFL Football Officiating Mini-Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)


U Rich Hall

DJ Ed Camp

LJ Mike Carr

FJ Eugene Hall

SJ Walt Coleman IV

BJ Tony Steratore

Replay Official: John McGarth




U Alan Eck

DJ Patrick Turner

LJ Bart Longson

FJ Buddy Horton

SJ Ryan Dickson

BJ Todd Prukop

Replay Official: Terri Valenti (NFL’s first female instant replay official)



U Steve Woods

DJ Jerry Bergman

LJ Carl Johnson

FJ Michael Banks

SJ Jonah Monroe

BJ Rich Martinez

Replay Official: Earnie Frantz




July 16, 2017 – IRVING, Texas – NFL referee Ed Hochuli at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)


U Shawn Smith

DJ Greg Bradley

LJ Rusty Baynes

FJ Dale Shaw

SJ Alex Kemp

BJ Scott Helverson

Replay Official: Tom Sifferman



U Bryan Neele

DJ Steve Stelljes

LJ Tim Podraza

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FJ Brad Rogers

SJ Boris Cheek

BJ Greg Steed

Replay Official: Rich Reels



U Mark Pellis

DJ Mike Spanier

LJ Jeff Seeman

FJ David Meslow

SJ Keith Washington

BJ Perry Paganelli

Replay Official: Jimmy Oldham




July 16, 2017 – IRVING, Texas – NFL referee John Hussey at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)


U Tony Michalek

DJ Ed Walker

LJ Ron Marinucci

FJ Jimmy Buchanan

SJ Allen Baynes

BJ Keith Ferguson

Replay Official: Mike Wimmer



U Paul King

DJ Sarah Thomas

LJ Mark Steinkerchner

FJ Aaron Santi

SJ Scott Edwards

BJ Greg Yette

Replay Official: BIll Spyksma



U Ruben Fowler

DJ Jeff Bergman

LJ Danny Short

FJ Greg Gautreaux

SJ Terry Brown

BJ Steve Freeman

Replay Official: Tom Chase




May 20, 2017 – East Rutherford, NJ – NFL referee Gene Steratore at the 2017 NFL Football Officiating Mini-Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)


U Roy Ellison

DJ David Oliver

LJ Gary Athur

FJ Mike Weatherford

SJ Adrian Hill

BJ Dino Paganelli

Replay Official: Paul Weidner



U Bruce Stritesky

DJ Phil McKinnely

LJ Mark Perlman

FJ Jon Lucivansky

SJ Gary Cavaletto

BJ Greg Meyer

Replay Official: Lou Nazzaro



U Barry Anderson

DJ Mark Hittner

LJ Julian Mapp

FJ Steve Zimmer

SJ Jeff Lambeth

BJ Lee Dyer

Replay Official: Larry Nemmers




May 20, 2017 – East Rutherford, NJ – NFL referee Carl Cheffers at the 2017 NFL Football Officiating Mini-Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)


U Clay Martin

DJ Tom Symonette

LJ Kent Payne

FJ Mearl Robinson

SJ Brad Freeman

BJ Jim Quirk

Replay Official: Charles Stewart


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