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Nigel Harris: Do Not Let His Lean Build Fool You

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

At first glance, Los Angeles Chargers rookie linebacker Nigel Harris appears to be in the wrong position, since he looks like a wide receiver. However, when he gets his hands on an opponent, his position is no longer in question.

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Nigel Harris/Chargers.com

The Combine Report: Cardinals' RC Talent Worthy of Applause In Hall Of Fame Game

Feelings were mutual  between the Arizona Cardinals and their gems from the NFL Regional Combine platform. The Cardinals wanted to see what the RC athletes could do, and the RC athletes were eager to show their skill sets in the Hall of Fame game against the Dallas Cowboys.

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RC Pioneer Alejandro Villanueva Sacrifice Paid Off, Signed 4-Year Contract Extension Worth $24M With The Steelers

In football, transitioning from one position to another is not a walk in the park. The inability to make those transitions in the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business of the NFL has ended careers.

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Alejandro Villaneuva/Google Images

Clint Bruce


By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – In front of a tired group of NFL administrators, executives and all of the NFL officials, Clint Bruce addressed the crowd in his jeans and a t-shirt, and instantly refreshed the room with his unique style of making fun of himself.

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The Eight New Officials Are

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – To keep pace with the continuous growth of talents on the NFL gridiron, NFL Football Operations booster their officials’ roster to strengthen their awareness on the field, due to the speed and tricks of the game. Eight new officials will make their debuts this season, but they are not first year officials.

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2017 NFL Officiating Clinic/Locker-Report.com

2017 NFL Officiating Clinic: The Eye Does Not Always Witness The Truth

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – The naked eye does not always tell the full truth. Was the player pushed, accidentally tripped or purposely fell into his opponent? The NFL Caretakers battle with those thoughts in live speed and they are using the clinic to slow the game to understand the full truth.

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Marquette King/Google Images

2017 NFL Officiating Clinic: Humanizing Officials Is The Next Step

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – Over time, fans loosen up towards NFL players as the league and media outlet humanized them as men with families and personal everyday cares. The NFL Caretakers are no different. The men and women who blows the whistle to keep the game in bounds deserves to have their stories told as well so the disrespect towards them can be lessen.

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NFL Caretakers:

IRVING, Texas – In a small conference room with well over a 100 years of officiating knowledge being bestowed onto 31 potential NFL Caretakers, the transparency was clear as laughter was the tempo of the conversation until reality settled. The journey to dawn the stripes of a NFL official is just as challenging as becoming a player. The message was simple, but the task is not.

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July 14, 2017 (DALLAS,TX) - Former NFL official Tony Veteri speaking with NFL officiating candidates at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)

2017 NFL Officiating Clinic: The Line Is Drawn, New Rules And Emphasis Are Established

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – The game of football is important to its players, coaches and involved administrative personnel. The officials take the urgency of the game to its highest level of importance, and the NFL Caretakers raise the standards each year as the game’s leader in safety and competitive balance.

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July 14, 2017 - DALLAS, TX - NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating Al Riveron addressing the NFL officials at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)

The Combine Report: CFL Week 3 - Roosevelt, Carter, RC Defensive Standouts Put In Work

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Week 3 of the CFL was loaded with nail-biting contests, but in terms of the pioneers of the NFL Regional Combine, several standouts made their outcomes interesting.

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The Combine Report: Jenkins, Foreign-Born Football Players Land NFL Deals

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Defensive end Alex Jenkins’ signing was not immediate, comparably to the foreign-born football players in the NFL before him. However, a couple of tweaks here and there, Jenkins can have an instant impact on the field.

“This is a chance to develop and become a player in the NFL,” said Jenkins. “It has been a pretty intense time. It feels too good to be true. I always thought I would be trying to do this on my own until NFL International found me.”

Jenkins always been athletic, but searching for the suitable sport to match his skill set was a bit of a challenge, until former NFL fullback Cecil Martin introduced the hybrid defensive lineman to America’s game.

Alex Jenkins/Google Images

Alex Jenkins/Google Images

“I fell in love with it (football) at my first practice,” said Jenkins. “I met a guy named Cecil Martin (former Philadelphia Eagles running back) at practice in Bristol. I realized that my body was built for this game.

“When I got my scholarship to the United States, that’s when I realized I could be good at this,” he continued. “When you realized you are good at something, you fall in love with it.”

Following a solid collegiate career at Incarnate Word, Jenkins needed to make another push to get NFL squads to recognize him – and the NFL Regional Combine was his breakthrough.

The NFL Regional Combine hosts hundreds of NFL hopefuls each year. Many foreign-born players ventured through the RC to obtain NFL glory and all, but one, failed. The foreign-born players who performed at the RC were athletic, but their mechanics and techniques were not sufficient for the league.

Miami Dolphins defensive end Lawrence Okoye journeyed through the RC in 2013, and landed on several NFL teams since then. Clearly, the British track and field star’s lateral movement ability, combined with his strength, explosiveness and footwork, earned him a NFL career.

Currently, Okoye is the UK’s brightest star from the RC.

Lawrence Okoye/Google Images

Lawrence Okoye/Google Images

Jenkins has the potential to be the next British star from the annual sessions. The defensive talent is quick, explosive, balance, has great footwork and ball skills.

The aggressive Jenkins signed with the New Orleans Saints. The Saints was one of the teams that witnessed Jenkins’ abilities at the New Orleans-held NFL Regional Combine workouts in March.

Jenkins will be a solid project, but he will excel on either a team with good defensive depth where he is not an immediate factor or positioned in a system that can use his speed and abilities creatively.

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Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen is aggressive and can disguise defensive package well, especially from the interior.

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Assuming Jenkins will make the Saints’ roster, he should standout on special teams with him disruptive speed and tackling talent. Nevertheless, his approach and attitude towards the game will impress the Saints now.

“I can play every down,” said Jenkins. “You have a guy who will join your team and the goal is to win a Super Bowl, nothing less.”

Accompanied Jenkins are three other foreign-born players who inked deals in the NFL in former England rugby star turned tight end Alex Gray (Atlanta Falcons), linebacker Eric Nzeocha (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and defensive end Efe Obada (Carolina Panthers).

Comparably to Jenkins, Obada used the NFL Combine Series as a bridge to the NFL. The only difference is that Obada is returning to the league. The Nigerian stands 6-6, 255-pounds and was a member of the Dallas Cowboys (2015), Kansas City Chiefs (2016) and Falcons (2016), but never experienced playing time during the regular season.

Efe Obada/Google Images

Efe Obada/Google Images

In late March, Obada participated in the first annual NFL Pro Player Combine, a series fashioned for recent NFL players who were removed from the game no more than two years prior to the workout.

Obada excited the NFL scouts there, and this year, he may finally see action on the field.

“I am very happy and excited about the opportunity,” said Obada. “I feel like this is something I need to progress and further my career. I am very grateful to the guys who have worked with us and put their neck on the lines for us. It’s a chance to develop my skills and it is going to be nice to be in that NFL environment again.”

Jenkins is especially excited with his signing with the Saints. This season, the Saints will play in England, where the Bath native resides, against the Miami Dolphins. Jenkins is looking forward to the potential opportunity to play in front of his home crowd.

And to ultimately inspire more foreign-born athletes to learn the game to become some of the NFL’s elite.

“The fact that the Saints will be playing in London this season (Oct. 1) makes it even more exciting for me,” said Jenkins.

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