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Nigel Harris: Do Not Let His Lean Build Fool You

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

At first glance, Los Angeles Chargers rookie linebacker Nigel Harris appears to be in the wrong position, since he looks like a wide receiver. However, when he gets his hands on an opponent, his position is no longer in question.

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Nigel Harris/Chargers.com

The Combine Report: Cardinals' RC Talent Worthy of Applause In Hall Of Fame Game

Feelings were mutual  between the Arizona Cardinals and their gems from the NFL Regional Combine platform. The Cardinals wanted to see what the RC athletes could do, and the RC athletes were eager to show their skill sets in the Hall of Fame game against the Dallas Cowboys.

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RC Pioneer Alejandro Villanueva Sacrifice Paid Off, Signed 4-Year Contract Extension Worth $24M With The Steelers

In football, transitioning from one position to another is not a walk in the park. The inability to make those transitions in the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business of the NFL has ended careers.

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Alejandro Villaneuva/Google Images

Clint Bruce


By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – In front of a tired group of NFL administrators, executives and all of the NFL officials, Clint Bruce addressed the crowd in his jeans and a t-shirt, and instantly refreshed the room with his unique style of making fun of himself.

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The Eight New Officials Are

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – To keep pace with the continuous growth of talents on the NFL gridiron, NFL Football Operations booster their officials’ roster to strengthen their awareness on the field, due to the speed and tricks of the game. Eight new officials will make their debuts this season, but they are not first year officials.

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2017 NFL Officiating Clinic/Locker-Report.com

2017 NFL Officiating Clinic: The Eye Does Not Always Witness The Truth

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – The naked eye does not always tell the full truth. Was the player pushed, accidentally tripped or purposely fell into his opponent? The NFL Caretakers battle with those thoughts in live speed and they are using the clinic to slow the game to understand the full truth.

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Marquette King/Google Images

2017 NFL Officiating Clinic: Humanizing Officials Is The Next Step

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – Over time, fans loosen up towards NFL players as the league and media outlet humanized them as men with families and personal everyday cares. The NFL Caretakers are no different. The men and women who blows the whistle to keep the game in bounds deserves to have their stories told as well so the disrespect towards them can be lessen.

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NFL Caretakers:

IRVING, Texas – In a small conference room with well over a 100 years of officiating knowledge being bestowed onto 31 potential NFL Caretakers, the transparency was clear as laughter was the tempo of the conversation until reality settled. The journey to dawn the stripes of a NFL official is just as challenging as becoming a player. The message was simple, but the task is not.

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July 14, 2017 (DALLAS,TX) - Former NFL official Tony Veteri speaking with NFL officiating candidates at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)

2017 NFL Officiating Clinic: The Line Is Drawn, New Rules And Emphasis Are Established

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

IRVING, Texas – The game of football is important to its players, coaches and involved administrative personnel. The officials take the urgency of the game to its highest level of importance, and the NFL Caretakers raise the standards each year as the game’s leader in safety and competitive balance.

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July 14, 2017 - DALLAS, TX - NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating Al Riveron addressing the NFL officials at the 2017 NFL Officiating Clinic. (Photo by: Locker-Report.com)

The Combine Report: CFL Week 3 - Roosevelt, Carter, RC Defensive Standouts Put In Work

By: Barry Barnes, Founder

Week 3 of the CFL was loaded with nail-biting contests, but in terms of the pioneers of the NFL Regional Combine, several standouts made their outcomes interesting.

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Thug Is The New “N-Word”

Jeremiah Short on February 13, 2014 - 12:20 pm in LockerTalk (Exclusives), NCAA, NCAA Basketball, NFL, Uncategorized

Jeremiah Short, Feature Columinst

Orange is the new Black. 30 is the new 20. And thug is the new “N-Word.”

“Thug” is becoming the en vogue word to describe any black athlete who behaves inappropriately. Brittney Griner slugs a girl after countless hard fouls. She’s a thug. Colin Kaepernick sports tattoos and wears his hat backward in an interview. He’s a thug. Richard Sherman (A Stanford graduate) says he’s the best. He’s a thug, too.

The reaction to Marcus Smart shoving Jeff Orr, a Texas Tech super fan, reminded me once again that the use of the word “thug” is getting out of control.

Fans jumped on social media and immediately began to call Smart a thug. No one mentioned that the fan had a reputation for inappropriate behavior. It doesn’t excuse Smart’s behavior. But it wasn’t what the conversation was about. The conversation was about a “thug” putting his hands on a middle-aged, white man, and he must be punished for it.

Cooler heads did prevail. Smart apologized and received a three-game suspension. Orr apologized and voluntarily decided to not attend any more Red Raider games this season.

End of story. Or is it?

Incidents like Smart’s reinforce the idea that black athletes have to walk a fine line. They have to be better than the rest. Or better yet, “safe.”

They have to be a Russell Wilson, who has been deemed the safe negro. Wilson speaks properly, wears his hat to the front and is a team-first player. That’s not to say he’s some “Uncle Tom” or a “cornball” brother. It’s to say that’s what a black athlete is expected to be if they’re to be accepted.

That brings me back to the word thug and why the use of it is becoming so prevalent.

Sherman, the last “thug” of moment before Smart’s unfortunate incident, hit the nail on the head as why to the word thug is starting to be used so much to describe black athletes.

“The reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s an accepted way of calling somebody the N-word now,” Sherman said. “It’s like everybody else said the N-word and then they say ‘thug’ and that’s fine.”

I don’t think I could have said it any better myself. Thug is becoming to the new way to call a black person a “nigger” and get away with it.

The “N-Word” has become taboo for anyone who isn’t black to use publicly without considerable backlash.

Paula Deen found that out the hard way. She saw her whole empire crumble when it was discovered that she regularly used the word to demean her black employees. (Although she might regain it soon)

Something else had to be substituted for racist who have displeasure with a black person’s actions.

It’s like there was some secret meeting convened about a new way to disparage black people.

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Racist #1: Hey guys and gals, the N-Word’s out. Paula Deen done messed it up for us. We got to come up with something else to demean black people.

Racist #2: How about monkey?

Racist #1: Too obvious. C’mon people. I know you’re not that smart. Otherwise, why would you be this racist? We need something a little more acceptable.

Racist #3: How about thug?

Racist #1: That’s perfect. Everyone can be called a thug. But we know 99 percent of the time we’ll call black people a thug and laugh among ourselves at our new “code” word for nigger. Meeting adjourned. Go spread the word.

I’m sure it didn’t quite go down this way. But it sure feels that way with how quick a black person gets called a thug for non-thug behavior.

It troubles me even more considering the word thug derives from a band of “Thuggees” or “thugs“in the 1800’s who worshipped a goddess–Kali. They were one of the history’s most notorious cults who robbed and murdered.

And yes, for those thinking it, I did just go there with the word thug. Black athletes and entertainers are getting called such a demonic word because of minor transgressions. It’s just not right.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a column lamenting the demonization of black culture. The use of the word thug is another way that’s being done.

How can use of the word thug be curtailed? First, I think black people need to stop accepting it as an ok word. I don’t care if an athlete or entertainer has to buck up and complain every time they’re called a thug. Do it.

Second, when they do complain, they must articulate themselves the way Sherman did. Nothing shuts up detractors more than a well-thought out, well-written and well-spoken argument.

Smart wisely took that route and showed how great a young man that he was. “I take full responsibility,” Smart said at a press conference Sunday evening in Stillwater. “This is not me. I really do apologize for it. Like I said, I take full responsibility and the consequences that come with it.”

Thugs aren’t leaders. Thugs don’t come back for a sophomore season when they’re projected top-5 picks. And thugs don’t apologize for their actions like Smart did.

I’m all for new trends and changes. But thug being the new “N-Word” is one that needs to end.

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